Research interests

Since my undergraduate studies I have been interested in eco-evolutionary questions specially those related to life-history evolution and species interactions.

Ecology and Evolution of mutualism

During my PhD I studied the ecology and evolution of mutualistic networks, including plant-pollinator, plant-animal seed dispersers and plant-mycorrhiza interactions. My interest in mutualisms has grown since then, they are ubiquitous and fascinating, although sometimes forgotten in the eco-evolutionary literature.

Phenology and eco-evolutionary feedbacks

My other research interests are related to the importance of spatio-temporal variability and eco-evolutionary feedbacks in the ecology and evolution of communities (or ecological networks). Due to the effects of climate change, I have become more interested in studying the effects of seasonality, phenology and variable environments in the evolutionary dynamics of communities. There’s a growing body of literature about it, but evolutionary aspects still remain poorly considered. There are many important questions in this regard particularly in the area of evolutionary rescue and local adaptation.

Evolution in space

Finally, I’m also interested in the evolution of plant-mating systems and how it is affected by ecological interactions (e.g. pollination) and evolutionary processes (e.g. genetic drift). I am currently investigating how species range expansions might facilitate (or not) the evolution of plant-mating systems and other life-history traits. This work is very interesting because range shifts are occurring more often due to climate change in many plant and animal species, as well as, it will help  to understand rapid evolution in invasive species.


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