Work in progress, submitted and pre-prints:

  • F. Encinas-Viso, C.J. Melian and R.S. Etienne. “The emergence of network structure, complementarity and convergence from basic ecological and genetic processes”. (see our pre-print). (to be submitted)
  • F. Encinas-Viso, John Pannell and Andrew Young. “The breakdown of self-incompatibility during a range expansion”. (to be submitted)


Peer-reviewed publications:

  • N.J. Bloomfield*, N. Knerr and F. Encinas-Viso. A Comparison of Network and Clustering Methods to Detect Biogeographical Regions. Ecography (accepted) *Undergraduate student.
  • Broadhurst, L., Breed, M., Lowe, A., Bragg, J., Catullo, R., Coates, D., Encinas-Viso, F., Gellie, N., James, E., Krauss, S., Potts, B., Rossetto, M., Shepherd, M. and Byrne, M. (2016), Genetic diversity and structure of the Australian flora. Diversity and Distributions. doi:10.1111/ddi.12505
  • F. Encinas-Viso, D. Alonso, J. Klironomos, R.S. Etienne and E. Chang (2016). Plant–mycorrhizal fungus co-occurrence network lacks substantial structure. Oikos 125:457-467. Editor’s Choice
  • Barrett L., Encinas-Viso F., Thrall P.H., Burdon J. (2015). “Specialization for resistance in wild host-pathogen interaction networks” Frontiers in Plant Science 6: 00761
  • T. Revilla & F. Encinas-Viso (2015) “Dynamical transitions in a pollination–herbivory interaction”, PLoS ONE10(2): e0117964. Recommended by F1000F1000
  • Revilla, T.A., Encinas-Viso, F. and Loreau, M. (2014), “Robustness of plant-pollinator networks under phenological change and habitat destruction”, Oikos 124:22-32. Invited paper.
  • Encinas-Viso F, Revilla T, van Velzen E and Etienne R.S (2014) “Shifts in pollinator population structure may jeopardize pollination service”. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 352: 24:30
  • Thrall, P. H., Encinas-Viso, F., Hoebee, S. E. and Young, A. G. (2014) “Life history mediates mate limitation and population viability in self-incompatible plant species”. Ecology and Evolution. 4: 673-687.
  • Encinas-Viso F, Revilla T, van Velzen E and Etienne R.S. (2014) “Frugivore behavior makes fruiting fruitful”. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 27: 313-324
  • Revilla T, Encinas-Viso F and Loreau M. (2013) “A bit earlier or later is always better: phenological shifts in consumer-resource interactions”. Theoretical Ecology. 7: 149-162.
  • F. Encinas-Viso, T. Revilla, R.S. Etienne. (2012) “Phenology drives mutualistic network diversity and structure”. Ecology Letters. 15: 198-208.
  • D. Brites, F. Encinas-Viso, D. Ebert, L. D. Pasquier, C. Haag. (2011) “Population genetics of duplicated alter- natively spliced exons of the Dscam gene in Daphnia and Drosophila”. PloS ONE. 6: e27947.
  • D. Buehler, F. Encinas-Viso, M. Petit, F. Vézina, B. Tieleman, T. Piersma (2009) “Limited access to food and physiological trade-offs in a long-distance migrant shorebird. II. Constitutive immune function and the acute-phase response”. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 82: 561–571.



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